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The Introduction

Ahoy! This is a blog that I thought about starting for some time. Rather than stew on it forever, why not just start it and see where it goes? But before I can put something down, it’d be helpful to you reading it what this blog is about. So what is this blog going toContinue reading “The Introduction”

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The Price of Modularity

It would be nice to have a high performance GPU or built-in RAM in the main processor package. But how come we haven’t gotten to that point in traditional desktop computers?

Why is computer communication speed in bits per second?

tl;dr It’s because bits per second is almost always correct. Bytes are not always 8-bits. Wait, what? I’m sure most people who know anything about computers will tell you a byte is 8-bits. For the longest time, the byte is 8-bits. However, this wasn’t always the case in the history of computers. According to Wikipedia,Continue reading “Why is computer communication speed in bits per second?”

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