The Introduction

Ahoy! This is a blog that I thought about starting for some time. Rather than stew on it forever, why not just start it and see where it goes? But before I can put something down, it’d be helpful to you reading it what this blog is about.

So what is this blog going to be about?

If the URL is any indication, this’ll be a blog about technology. It’ll likely focus on computer technology in general, both on the hardware and software side. But since there are countless sites, blogs, and others reviewing products and what their take is on how to do technology, I won’t be focusing on that. Instead, I’ll try to find topics that are mildly different and hopefully interesting.

But who are you and what makes you qualified?

I’m a software developer by trade, starting with embedded systems for a few years. I occasionally dabble in embedded systems where I currently work. Basically, I wrote what most people call “firmware.” My current job does involve app development, but in a loose sense in that I’m building on top of OS, API, libraries, and the like. I’ve been in this game for 10 years, save for a few months hiatus.

Outside of my job, I’ve been into computers and technology in general since practically forever. The first computer I can remember was between an old Packard Bell and a Micron computer, playing around with DOS games and the like. I really got into computers around 2001 or so, and built my first one in 2005 (though I had a custom built one in 2002 that I tinkered with a lot).

Since then, I’ve poked around with various pieces of technology, stuck my nose in magazines, internet articles, whatever else I can look at. A lot of my driving mindset was also “if I can do it, why not try it and see?”

I’ve been online in various places, under various handles, but I like to say I primarily contributed to Maximum PC and the Linus Tech Tip forums.

How often should I come back to this blog?

If I’m going to be honest, once a month is likely a good starting point. The frequency of when I’ll post is uncertain, as bad as that is to say to any prospective reader. But come back once a month, and hopefully I’ve had at least something new to read!

What’s with the name of the blog?

It’s a pun on the name “Hotaru Hino”, which is made up of the kanji 蛍 (Hotaru) and 日野 (Hino). “Hotaru” means firefly and “Hino” literally translates to “sun field.” Hence, “A sunny field of fireflies.”

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