DirectX 12, Asynchronous Compute, and Hardware Compliance

This is something that bugs me from time to time, that people say DirectX 12 and possibly Vulkan require a certain hardware feature that certain GPUs do not have. Thus it’s a lie to say said GPU is compliant with the API. That certain hardware feature is known as asynchronous compute. Where did this ideaContinue reading “DirectX 12, Asynchronous Compute, and Hardware Compliance”

Why do computers talk a bit at a time these days?

tl;dr Handling a bit at a time is easier and allows for much faster communication than having multiple bits at a time, due to the imperfect nature of reality Time scales, the speed of light not in a vacuum, and too much chonk It might be non-intuitive to think that a vast majority of computerContinue reading “Why do computers talk a bit at a time these days?”

Why is computer communication speed in bits per second?

tl;dr It’s because bits per second is almost always correct. Bytes are not always 8-bits. Wait, what? I’m sure most people who know anything about computers will tell you a byte is 8-bits. For the longest time, the byte is 8-bits. However, this wasn’t always the case in the history of computers. According to Wikipedia,Continue reading “Why is computer communication speed in bits per second?”

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